Choosing Democracy Over Autocracy

Forces seeking to undermine Democracy in favor of Autocracy surround us every day. Their message, amplified by Trump and now DeSantis in his new book, The Courage to Be Free, is to simply let them take care of things and everything will be alright.

This is a dangerous message. Especially when their version of making “everything alright” includes Weakening the Institutions of Democracy, and Silencing the Voice of People who make up this Democracy.

This may sound like a strong statement at this juncture, but there are parallels between Hitler and DeSantis that continue to emerge.

“When Hitler talked about big lies and big truths, this was symptomatic of his work to upend the world of true and fake. What this man understood as lies were facts that ran against his racist theory of the universe.”
– Finchelstein

Sounds too familiar.

We’re at a sobering and precarious moment in our nation’s history.

We Must Continue to be a Voice for Good, Democracy, Truth, Equality and Freedom.

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