Immigration: Biden and the Border

Notice how Right-Wing criticism of immigration has cooled off lately? Other more nonsensical and anti-Democratic notions such as ending the Constitution, banning books and drag shows, or states seceding have recently taken the forefront. This is partly due to the fact that Biden has developed an interim border policy. It’s not perfect, but then again, nothing will be even close to a perfect solution until Republicans agree to come to the table in the House and Senate to work with Democrats to improve the situation once and for all.

The administration’s new policy requires any adult who wants to claim asylum to secure an interview appointment, for which they must apply through a smartphone app before they arrive. If they don’t they almost certainly will be turned away.

Biden has also increased the number of refugees it will accept from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua to 30,000 Per Month as long as they have advance authorization and meet certain conditions. In contrast, Trump restricted the number to 15,000 Per Year.

“The hope is that the combination of toughness and generosity strikes a balance.”

These policies, admittedly, do not make everyone happy; but they are steps in the right direction.

Additional border patrol and asylum officers will be required, and legal challenges are expected. “The attractiveness of the United States compared with countries south of the border, and the number of people seeking to flee dysfunctional governments (approx 6M displaced Venezualians alone in Latin America) creates a weight of numbers that is hard for any administration to manage humanely.”

According to the Economist, “America’s labor market is exceptionally tight, which should mean new arrivals are both needed and can be readily absorbed. As well as accepting genuine asylum-seekers, America needs more economic migrants. It also needs to regularize the status of the 10M undocumented people living within its borders.” The fact that we my now even benefit economically from new arrivals is something that Republicans do not want to hear; and are only all to happy to keep mum about.

There is still much work to do, but the bulk of this work can only be accomplished with participation from BOTH parties in Congress – a small detail often overlooked and deliberately ignored by Republicans and Right-Wing Media outlets who find it more easier to weaponize against Biden than attempt to make it better.

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