U.S. Economy: Janet Yellen and Economics of Equality

A recent quote from The Economist described, Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen’s approach to economics as “modern supply-side economics.” This didn’t sit well, and sent me on a quest to understand more about her and her approach.

So far, I’ve been impressed.

Owen Ullman, in his book, Empathy Economics, about Yellen’s life and approach, presents a very different story.

Yellen’s track record is full of examples where she has supported, and continues to support the Economics of Equality.

“If we are able to mitigate, if not fully reverse, the forces that have been driving inequality and denying access to opportunity, Janet will have proven to have been a very important author of that changing economic policy and the forces that are fighting against structural as well as political barriers.” – Wartell

Yellen also strongly supports women in the workplace. As she explains, “the benefits of greater participation for women are clear and substantial.”

Biden did well to appoint Janet Yellen for Secretary of the Treasury and we are lucky to have her.

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