Drag Show Banning

Drag Show Banning is a complicated topic to dive into, but the bottom line is that Republicans are using this issue to stir up anger among their base, in order to shore up support at the voting box.

Fundamentally, it’s a direct attack on the LGBTQ community. But they come at it from different angles, from gay marriage to ‘protecting the children’, from trans-gender identity to falsely labeling it ‘obscenity.’

From The Economist:

“As many as 296 anti-LGBTQ bills are pending in statehouses across the country, according to the ACLU, an advocacy group. Public approval for gay rights is at an all-time high, but the backlash is also strong. In its official materials, the Texas Republican Party now calls homosexuality ‘an abnormal lifestyle choice’ and opposes ‘validating’ transgender identities.”

As an LGBTQ Ally I find these bills and efforts to silence and criminalize members and allies of LGBTQ for simply being themselves and expressing their creativity – appalling.

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